How Do I Turn My Work Computer Into A Personal Computer?

How Do I Turn My Work Computer Into A Personal Computer?

As a professional worker, you would have to separate your work computer from your personal device. Similarly saving all the data in different spaces is the simplest way to avoid any privacy issues. However many people cannot afford to have two different devices for personal and official use therefore there must be an easy way to get out of this.

So how do I turn my work computer not a personal computer? So here we have some simple tricks for you so you will be able to skillfully manage all your personal and official data on the same device.

How Do I Turn My Work Computer Into A Personal Computer?

You can switch between these two or completely reset your device and turn it into your personal computer with the help of the tricks given below.

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Encrypt Official Data

Computer for personal use means it will be easily accessible without any security therefore to avoid loss of any official data you should encrypt it first. You can use DiskCryptor to encrypt such data as it is one of the easiest ways to protect your files. It is one of the safest programs to use for securing your files.

Securing official files will mean you can freely use your Computer For Personal use without having any worries about data loss. And you will not have to put in security passwords because your important files will be already encrypted perfectly.

Use Portable Applications

There are portable applications available to easily switch between your personal and work computers. So using this software you can convert your work computer to a pen drive to plug in and use it whenever you want.

Therefore, all your data will be secured in a portable storage and you will not have any doubt of losing or displaying data.

Adding Another User

If your device has an option of adding users then your problem is already solved. You can add another user as a personal one if your current account is administered. Below are the simple steps to do it.

  • Go to login and click on add a user.
  • Then sign up with a new Microsoft account with a suitable password that you can remember.
  • After creating another account you will be able to switch between a professional account and from personal account in seconds.

This will help you separate and manage your official and personal data from any misplacement on the same device.

Reset the Computer

If you no longer want to use your device for office work and want to completely Turn It Into A Personal PC then you should reset the device. It will help you to remove all existing data giving a fresh start to your device.

So all the programs will be deleted leaving the storage space as good as new you can freely use it for storing personal files. Here is how to reset your Microsoft computer if you are signed in:

  • While opening the start menu, click the windows options available.
  • Click on the power icon which will then give you three options; sleep, restart, and shutdown.
  • Now hold down the shift key and while doing it click on restart.
  • Then a tab will appear with options to choose where you should click on troubleshoot.
  • Click on reset PC.
  • Now you will have options to delete all your data or save it, choose one.
  • Your device will be reset in a few minutes leaving your computer as good as new.

If you’re not signed in then:

  • Open the lock screen, and go to the sign-in.
  • Click on the power icon and then hold the shift key down while hitting restart.
  • Then you can follow the steps given above for resetting the PC.

Advantages of Converting Work PC to Personal

  • This will allow you to manage your files separately.
  • Loss of any official data can be skillfully avoided.
  • You will not need any security to operate your device for personal use.
  • Your official data will be encrypted and protected from viruses and hackers.
  • You won’t need to buy a new device for personal use just convert the old one.

Bottom Line

Buying a new device for personal use while already having a work computer is an expensive idea. So why not just convert your work computer into a personal one? The tricks given above will help you skillfully Turn A Work Computer Into A Personal Computer.


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