Does Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS Work without Phone?

One of the biggest competitors in the smartwatch industry is Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung has manufactured some of the most useful and high-performance smartwatches over the years with amazing features in them. In fact, Samsung Galaxy Watch was the first one to introduce the GPS in a smartwatch.

Many users have inquiries that Does Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS work without Phone connectivity, and we will answer this question today. We also have shared very useful information about the Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS use. So make sure to read the whole article.

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Does Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS Work without Phone?

The straight answer is yes. The Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS can work perfectly fine even if you don’t connect it to your phone. The Samsung Galaxy Watch has its antenna built in, which allows it to track your exact location all the time.

However, you should know that using the GPS on your Samsung Galaxy Watch will drain more of your battery. You might see a sudden reduction in battery lasting time by enabling your Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS.

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch is connected to a phone, the feature of tracking location will use your mobile phone’s GPS. You can save a lot of your watch battery by activating your mobile GPS sensor.

How to set up the GPS on Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The GPS on the Samsung Galaxy Watch is not activated by default. You have to activate it if you want to use this feature on your smartwatch. Even though the device is very easy to navigate to every setting, some users still struggle. So, we have shared a complete step-by-step guide for you to set up the GPS on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

  • If you are on the watch screen, click on the home button to go to the app screen.
  • Look for the settings in the app list and open it.
  • In the settings, find the GPS/Location option and tap on it.
  • At last, enable the location option you see on your screen.

Now, the GPS and location tracker on your Samsung Galaxy Watch is enabled successfully. We can also improve the location tracking by opening the Google location accuracy and then enabling the “Improve location Accuracy.”

Benefits of Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS

Using GPS on the Samsung Galaxy Watch brings the user many benefits. It helps the watch perform its usual activities with more accuracy and gives us more detailed information. Some of the best features of using GPS on the Samsung Galaxy Watch are explained below.

  • You can track your every activity more accurately.
  • With the Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS activity, you can get more information about physical activities.
  • The information related to fitness activities like swimming, walking, etc., is more detailed.
  • GPS enables the parents to track their children for safety.
  • Your watch is more secure with GPS enabled, as you can track your watch on your mobile.

Use of Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Another great benefit of using GPS on the Samsung Galaxy Watch is that we can use Google Maps. This feature helps travelers navigate through the city. You don’t need to constantly check your mobile to see the exact location.

Some users find it difficult to use the Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy Watch for the first time. So, we have shared a guide below.

  • On your Samsung Galaxy Watch home screen, look for Google Maps and open the app.
  • Type in your destination using the onscreen keyboard and tap on the search icon.
  • You can also speak out the location if your Samsung Galaxy Watch has this feature.
  • A list of suggestions related to your location will appear. Select the one you want.
  • You can also select the mode of transportation from cycling, walking, or driving.
  • At last, a navigation screen will appear on your screen, taking you to your destination.

Bottom Line

GPS is a great feature that most of us use in our daily lives. Its use becomes even more helpful and efficient when we use it on the Samsung Galaxy Watch. And now that you know that Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS works without phone connectivity as well, you should try this feature and make your life easier.

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