How Can I Stop My iPhone From Draining Fast

How Can I Stop My iPhone From Draining Fast

IPhone users have a very common problem with their devices, which is fast battery drainage. At once, their batter would be on 70 and all of a sudden go down to 50 even though you haven’t done anything. Well, there are some reasons for this issue, and it can be resolved pretty easily as well.

In this article, we will share some great ways how you can stop the battery drainage of your iPhone. All those asking How Can I Stop my iPhone from Draining Fast should read this article till the end and work on the tips we have shared.

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Why is my iPhone Battery Suddenly Draining so Fast?

First, we will look into the reasons why your iPhone’s battery is draining so fast. There can be two reasons: hardware problems and software problems.

The hardware problem happens when some part of your device gets damaged and doesn’t work well. The user himself cannot resolve the hardware problem. So we haven’t shared much information about it.

However, software problems occurring in iPhones are pretty normal, and the user can fix them. There might be some software, settings, or app-related problem in your device, which is why your iPhone battery is draining so fast.

How Can I Stop My iPhone From Draining Fast?

There are some very easy and effective tips that can help us save our iPhone battery drainage. We have mentioned these useful tips below. You can act on all of them for maximum battery advantage.

Check the iPhone Battery Health

First, you should check your iPhone’s battery health. For that, go to the settings and the battery. There will be an option for battery health; open it, and your device’s battery health will be displayed. If the health is less than 80%, your device will start to have laggings and issues while working. And this will also drain your battery.

To resolve this issue, you have to change your battery and install a new one.

Remove Battery Draining Apps

In the battery settings, you can see the activity section. In this part of the settings, you can see which app is draining most of your battery. To resolve this issue, you can remove the apps from the device. Reinstalling and updating the application also helps sometimes.

Disable Background Running App

Many apps on iPhone run in the background as default. They fetch data and drain your battery as well. This can be a major reason your battery percentage is getting low fast. You can disable the background running setting of the app individually. Look for the app that is causing the problem and disable its background running setting immediately.

Only Use MFI Cables

MFI means made for iPhone, which is a licensed company that makes iPhone accessories. These are the most trusted ones and work the best for your iPhone. Using locally manufactured cables can be a reason your iPhone Battery Draining Fast all of a Sudden. That is why you should only use MFI cables.

Change Location Services

Some apps in your device use the location service for the user’s relevant content. This setting also drains a lot of your device’s battery. Constantly enabled location service makes a huge dent in your battery percentage. So go to the settings, then privacy and location services. They disable the apps you don’t want to have access to the location service.

Update Your Apps

Outdated applications in your device also cause software problems, which drain your battery percentage. So, if you don’t have auto-update, you should manually update all your apps on your iPhone. This will reduce your iPhone’s battery drain instantly.

Turn Off Push Mail

Dim the Screen Brightness

If you want to know Why is My iPhone Battery Draining without Doing Anything? Well, the reason might be the high brightness of your device. The brighter your screen is, the more battery it will drain from your device. Also, the high brightness of mobile damages your eyes. So keep your screen brightness dim.

Don’t Close Apps

This is a very common practice among mobile users to keep closing the applications they stop using. They constantly go to their recently used apps and swipe them all up. This will damage your battery as soon you reopen the app.

Set Dark Mode

Setting to dark mode can be a great way of saving your battery. iPhone X, XS, SX Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and so on all have a dark mode in their settings, which you can enable very easily to avoid sudden battery drainage. You can find the dark mode settings in the Display and Brightness section.

Bottom Line

All the users asking How Can I Stop my iPhone From Draining Fast should read this article carefully. The information we have shared will improve your battery health and performance. If you still have issues, you should get help from official iPhone help care.


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