How Do I Extend The Battery Life on Samsung Watch

How Do I Extend The Battery Life on Samsung Watch

When Samsung Watches were introduced, everyone was amazed by the amazing features and tools it introduced in the smartwatch industry. However, one concern users always had was the battery life of their Samsung Watch.

No one wants to stick with a powerless smartwatch on their wrist, and that’s why they want to extend the battery life of their Samsung Watch. In this article, we have explained some very helpful tips and tricks to increase your Samsung Watch’s battery life.

Samsung Watch Battery Life

The Samsung Watches are known for their long-lasting battery timing. On average, the lasting time of a Samsung Watch is between 25 and 50 hours. Now, this lasting time also depends on how you are using the watch and which series of watches you have. The Samsung Watch 5 Pro has a better battery life span than the Watch 6.

There are certain features and apps that drain more battery, which will affect the lifespan of your watch. So, to save your battery, you have to turn off those features and apps.

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Tips to Extend the Battery Life of Samsung Watch

There are some very helpful tips for extending the battery life of the Samsung Watch. You have to disable and limit some features on your watch. This will not affect your watch performance much but will save your watch from battery drainage a lot.

Turn off Display When not Using

Turning off the display of your Samsung Watch will save a lot of battery life. When you no longer use your watch, turn its screen off and put it in sleep mode. To do this, cover the screen of your Samsung Watch with your palm once. To wake the device, tap on the screen.

Turn off the Always-on Display

The always-on-display mode enabled has a huge dent on your battery lasting time. The screen will always be on, draining your device’s battery. So, it is highly recommended that you turn off the always-on display setting. This will extend your battery life. Go to the settings and then display to turn off the always-on Display.

Enable Dark Mode

Enabling the dark mode and choosing dark faces for your watch save your device’s battery. Less brightness on display will drain much less battery. With dark mode, your device is cool and doesn’t need extra power to energize the bright colours.

Turn off Location

Every updated Samsung Watch has GPS service as one of its features. This feature is helpful, but it also drains the load of your battery percentage. So, if you are not using any app that requires your location tracking, you should turn off the location service on your Samsung Watch to extend your watch’s battery life.

Apps notification Settings

The app running in the back always drains the extra battery. They constantly give notifications, which uses the watch energy a lot. You can change this setting from your mobile device to your watch.

Open the watch settings on your phone, then go to the notifications. Open the app notifications and turn off the notifications for the app you don’t use anymore, which constantly has notifications.

Charging Tips to Extent Samsung Watch Battery Life

How you recharge your Samsung Watch also affects its battery life span. There are certain tips that users can follow to keep their watch’s battery healthy and ultimately improve its lasting time.

Don’t Overcharge

All electronic devices’ batteries get damaged when you overcharge them. The Samsung Watch battery also gets damaged if it charges too long. Any time the charger is connected to your watch after that, 100% will damage your device.

Charging your battery only to 80% to 90% is recommended. This will keep your watch battery healthy and long-lasting as well.

Keep Charging Contact Clean

Most of the Samsung Watch have wireless charging features. So, when you place your watch on the charging connection, make sure the place is clean. Dirt and debris on the contact will affect the charging of your watch. Clean the area with a clean cloth.

Bottom Line

Samsung Watches are exceptional in their performance and working ability, and most also have incredible battery-lasting time. However, if you are unsatisfied with how long your device battery lasts, this article will help you.

You can work on the tips we have mentioned in this article, and by applying them, you will extend the battery life of your Samsung Watch.


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