Which Samsung Watch Has the Longest Battery Life?

Which Samsung Watch Has the Longest Battery Life?

Any person buying a Samsung Watch will want his device to go through daily activities, so the battery life is extremely important. Many users with concerns about their smartwatch battery life question the best Samsung Watch per their requirements.

This article will answer a common question: Which Samsung Watch has the Longest Battery Life? We will also share some tips to improve your smartwatch battery health. This article will be very helpful and informative, so read it till the end.

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Comparison of Samsung Watch 5 Pro and Samsung Watch 6

Regarding best battery health, two watches go neck and neck together. The Samsung Watch 5 and Samsung Watch 6 are the two biggest competitors. Even though the Samsung Watch 6 is the latest one, series 5 still gives tough competition to the advanced version.

The battery health comparison also depends on which version of the Samsung Watch you are using. For example, the Samsung Watch 6 Pro is better than the Samsung Watch 5. However, the Samsung Watch 5 Pro has better battery health than the Samsung Watch 6 Classic.

Per the official’s remarks, the Samsung Watch 6 has the best battery health. But if you are a user, you will know that Samsung Watch 5 lasts longer than the series 6. This is mainly because the Samsung Watch 6 has a bigger dial and a prominent display, which consumes more daily battery power.

Battery Lifespan of Samsung Watch 5 Pro

The Samsung Watch 5 has 80 hours of battery life, according to Samsung officials. This number is justified by many users, smartwatch experts, and influencers. With the usual use, this watch can last anywhere between 70 and 80 hours.

The lasting time might differ based on which settings and features you have enabled. If you have always on display enabled, the Samsung Watch 5 pro battery will last for 50 hours, which is only 30 hours on series 6.

Which Samsung Watch Has the Longest Battery Life?

Now, looking at all the experts’ opinions, experiments, customer reviews, and common remarks, the Samsung Watch 5 Pro is the smartwatch with the best battery life. It beats most of the latest versions of Samsung Watches by far.

With a fully charged battery, the Samsung Watch 5 can last for a whole day and night and an additional 8 hours of the next day as well. Even after all this period, the battery will only remind you to recharge the device.

How to Improve Samsung Watch Battery Life?

All Samsung watches have decent battery life and perform exceptionally well for indoor and outdoor activities. But there is still some room for improvement. You can solve this issue if you think your watch drains the battery faster than usual.

Below, we have shared some that you can work on to improve your Samsung Watch battery health.

Always on Display Disable

Battery drainage will happen if your watch always has an on-display setting enabled. Even if you are using a Samsung Watch 5 pro with the best battery life, it will still start to last for a shorter time.

So, to save your battery life, you should disable the always-on display. This will increase your battery’s lasting time by a huge margin.

Power Saving Mode

In the latest Samsung Watches, there is a feature called battery-saving mode. By enabling this mode, you constantly limit the apps and other features using your battery and lower its lifespan.

You can enable the power saving mode, and the battery’s lasting time will greatly increase.

Disable Automatic Health Tracking

If you do not use the health features of Samsung Watch often, you should disable your smartwatch’s automatic health tracking feature. This will save your watch from constant battery drainage. You can still use the health features by opening the individual apps.

By disabling this tool, your watch will no longer track your health features, which include heart rate, calorie tracking, and most other physical activity tracking.

Mute Unnecessary Apps

There are many apps in your Samsung Watch that you might not use most of the time, but they still use your battery. So, to save your battery life, you can remove these unimportant applications. Either mute their notifications or delete your app from your device permanently.


Looking for the best option for every purchased item is very human. The Samsung Watches are exceptional, but we should buy the one that resonates most with your choices. If you want a smartwatch that lasts a long time, the Samsung Watch 5 Pro is the best option.

Samsung Watch 5 has the longest battery life and can work for 70 to 80 hours straight. With a 590mAh battery and 1.36-inch display, this device can go along with all your daily activities. For more battery savagery, follow the tips we shared in this article.


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